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The Global Defense Force (abbreviated as GDF) is a peace-keeping organization and enforcing entity of martial law in Bombshell and Ion Fury.

Official Bombshell profile[edit | edit source]

The Global Defence Force is Earth's largest military organization. Forged in the spirit of cooperation and unity, the GDF is a combination of the world's most-highly trained international forces lead by the United States.

In addition to being an international military alliance, the Global Defence Force invests in scientific research, space exploration and medical science for military and civilian applications. It also has "off-the-books" operations that are classified to the general public.

The organization's size can make it inflexible and compels them to hire private military contractors in desperate and extreme circumstances.

Known members[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The organization is essentially a renamed Earth Defense Force (EDF) from the Duke Nukem universe, a move made after 3D Realms lost control over that license.

The Global Defense Force shares their name with Earth's military in Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, who are the direct predecessors to the Terran Coalition of Man from Quake II and Quake 4, and serve as one of the two playable factions in the game (the other being the Strogg). Like the GDF in Quake Wars, the GDF of Bombshell and Ion Fury oppose a faction of evil cyborgs and extraterrestrials.